General Linear Model Journal


A peer-reviewed, biannual publication sponsored by the American Educational Research Association's Special Interest Group (SIG) on Multiple Linear Regression: The General Linear Model

Volume 46 • Number 1 • 2022

Table of Contents

SEM Estimation in the Context of Small Samples: Comparison of Latent Variable Models, Single Indicator, Regularized 2-Stage Least Squares and Observed Variable Models
W. Holmes Finch - Ball State University
DOI: 10.31523/glmj.046001.001

Sample Size for Parallel Analysis and Not-So-Common Criteria for Dimensions in Factor Analysis: Modifying the Eigenvalue > 1 Kaiser Rule
Pornchanok Ruengvirayudh- Loyola Marymount University
Gordon P. Brooks - Ohio University
DOI: 10.31523/glmj.046001.002

Correction for Attenuation of the Multiple Correlation Coefficient Given Non-Independent Error Scores
Brenna Curley - Moravian University
Debra Wetcher-Hendricks - Moravian University
DOI: 10.31523/glmj.046001.003
Supplementary Materials:
Supplement 1 (data in Excel format)
Supplement 2 (data in PDF format)
Supplement 3 (Excel macro)
Supplement 4 (R code)

Testing Individual vs Group Mean Differences in Social Science Research
Randall E. Schumacker - University of Alabama
Lauren F. Holmes - University of Alabama
DOI: 10.31523/glmj.046001.004