General Linear Model Journal


A peer-reviewed, biannual publication sponsored by the American Educational Research Association's Special Interest Group (SIG) on Multiple Linear Regression: The General Linear Model

Volume 47 • Number 1 • 2023

Table of Contents

For Post Hoc's Sake: Determining Sample Size for Tukey Multiple Comparisons in 4-Group ANOVA
Gordon P. Brooks - Ohio University
Qian An - Ohio University
Yanju Li - Georgia State University
George A. Johanson - Ohio University
DOI: 10.31523/glmj.047001.001

Comparison of Tests for Heteroscedasticity in Between-Subject ANOVA Models
Mokshad P. Gaonkar - University of Alabama at Birmingham
T. Mark Beasley - University of Alabama at Birmingham
DOI: 10.31523/glmj.047001.002

Integration of ANOVA and Multiple Regression for Beginning Statistics Students
John D. Morris - Florida Atlantic University
Mary Lieberman - Florida Atlantic University
DOI: 10.31523/glmj.047001.003